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november to december
December 3, 2010, 11:18 pm
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21 november 2010: spent the day filled with sadness at grandma’s place. Selling the house away was thousand times worst than us running a funeral for grandpa. There wasn’t a happy laughter that we usually hear, instead, it was filled with surface laughter, smiles, complains and worse, the sadness in her eyes.

i’m so glad that she couldn’t hear clearly for the last part of the day, if not, how hurtful would it get. even we, the grandchildren’s heart were filled with sorrows.

enough uncles, really. we heard u, we knew it. it has always been difficult for me to greet someone who don’t deserve my respect even though he/she is a senior. It’s just tt part of me where is so stubborn to family members. I just hope that I won’t see u alone outside and that u won’t see me.

tml, 4 dec 2010, probably the last time ever we are going to drive to that slope, stop at no.45 and take a look at my childhood playground, the place where I learn how to play soccer, how to ride a bicycle, playing toys, washing cars with daddy and uncles, plant seeds in the garden, how cousin and i used to dig worms, how we used to run to the backyard to see the dog when we were young, how we used to play badminton in the courtyard, how we, the small little ones went running around playing catching & all kinds of stupid games. The so many ‘how we’.

I, as someone who only go to the big house once every week is already missing it like crazy. What about u, grandma? Why don’t you just cry it out, scream back at ur kids instead of saying it’s okay, nvm.

I’m glad that cousin and big uncle are looking for another big house to buy and to stay w u. Because that means, probably, the weekly meetings will still be on with so many of us together.

gosh, just by typing it, i am already feeling the heartache, can’t believe that I m going to pass by it tml. Please, don’t be standing at the gate there waiting for my mum to reach, if not I really think that I will not be able to hold back my tears.

byebye no. 45. let’s wait for the new house some time later.

October 3, 2010, 10:47 pm
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7 simple letters form up many kinds of relationship.

i have heard/experience many kinds of friendship myself.


and many kinds.

you can be having a simple friendship w a friend you just got to know with. the friendship between both of u grew better whereby u share secrets and thoughts of urself. great, isn’t it?

but have u ever come to a point where u have got nothing to talk to ur friend? or ur friend simply gets bored of u as u always share ur secrets and thoughts whereby u do not have anymore to share? i think there will sure be a point like this.

so how do you make it better?

you will have to keep thinking of new stuffs to talk because basically humans love communicating. and if u were able to come up with good topics then *dangggg* ur friendship will get better, tt’s for sure.


what if u failed to do so?

hmm maybe the other party will work hard on it to let the friendship goes on and get interesting OR they will just feel that u are boring and decrease the no. of times to meet u up or talk to u. even when they are free they may say that they are not cause they no longer wants to put in effort for the friendship anymore.

and of course i believe that friends come in and out. they may have temporarily leave ur life but i believe they will come back one day. but then again, this only applies for friends who truly appreciate you and you have to truly appreciate them.

its just a thought that comes to my mind, frm personal experience & what people shared with me. Readers, just appreciate all ur current friends now, do not think negatively about them, it may be difficult at some point of time but why should u let a negative point of ur friend affect all the other good points of ur friend. And also, if u want to give ur friends an advice, think first. think if ur advice will hurt the person deeply, if it will, how to put it across to ur friend so that they will at not get affected so deeply and at the same time appreciate ur thoughts. It may be difficult, but just try, as that is what i am trying too.

think i ranted for quite long. readers, like it or not, is not up to u because this is my blog and i type what i like.

Birthday 2010
September 15, 2010, 11:58 pm
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I want to say a HUGE thank u to everyone who put in effort in celebrating my birthday! You’ve made it special for me.

Birthday marathon since last week till today was tiring but yet fun filled.

Meetups w yf, dinner with ex colleagues, dinner with family, kite flying with kite flying club, dinner dates w uni friends & clique, USS & HRC with lesbo has made it special!

thanks to yf for trying out everything with fries w me. haha. as well as the sweetness to the max ‘nutella cake’. :)

thanks to ex colleagues for being so nice n intending to celebrate my birthday at the ktv. but ktv was bad and celebrated at swensens instead. it was so nice that u all sang me the birthday song and of cox not forgetting the super big angbao that made me felt super paiseh. thank u all once again for making it so pleasant.

thanks to kite flying club president, his nv say die spirit made us believe that kite flying is fun.

thanks to uni friends & clique for going to extra mile in treating me dinner n getting me such nice cakes. hearing birthday songs sang was so enjoyable. and not forgetting the clique impromptu birthday song again when the clock strikes 12 on sep 15.

thanks to lesbo for spending extra in gg to USS tgt and getting the staffs in HRC to sing me a birthday song. Gosh, how unforgettable will it be w my ‘so-musical’ screaming and of cox not forgetting the surprise gift! haha.
time to go again when rides are all up, n i promise not to scream so musically haha.

and of cox to my parents who have given me such pretty gift and hope u all enjoy the dinner treat from me.

lastly, everyone who wished me, thank u! (:

unhappy month
June 6, 2010, 4:15 pm
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the month of may should be a happy one…because it means that the hardwork for the past few months of not going out and just purely studying has been paid off in the exam.

but just weeks before the exam started, unhappy event comes one after another… from discovering the problem to shouting to blaming one another to finding faults to scolding her over and over again as if it is her fault to chasing her out and even till now.. to making her cry.

Children like u probably should put urself in her shoes.. is it really her fault or was it urs in the first place? has she force u to do these using a knife that was placed on ur throat?

u started blaming ur siblings. Each n every single of u. u all blame one another for using it and making it into a big problem, saying that u all are going to take each other into lawsuit. excuse me, u all are siblings, is there such a need to?

All of u did not even discuss about the solution to the problem and all u all ever did was to blame each other. I really hope that until the day u all ever had a solution to the problem then start to call my mum, if not she will just be as sad as her mum.

I sincerely hope that you all will stop all the blaming and suing and solve the problem when it is just so simple.

May 6, 2010, 10:25 pm
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okay, seems like i have neglected this site of mine for a very very very long time. I wonder if there are still readers interested about my life. HAHA.

i have rather been busy with school. and today marks another upset day of my life. i hope what happened today will look like the rainbow I saw this morning.

why? something to do with exam. rmb today fkmk cause it may be another regret that u caused it.

the year so far…
February 9, 2010, 9:59 pm
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the year has been ….. pretty good i guessed?

i started the year w my dearest uni friends. it was… pretty boring due to the music. but company was great.

and i went to bangkok with my dearest shortie and ang ang. it was a great shopping trip, i muz say. should be heading there again with gossip partner.

and less than a month after i came back from thailand, i went to hatyai with my family. though it was boring but it has really been a long time since we went overseas together as a family, so afterall i still enjoyed it.

going overseas is really like a getaway for me. to not face the reality. now i am back here in singapore, it’s time to face reality once again…

Welcome 2010! (part 2)
January 1, 2010, 2:00 pm
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Alrighty, to end off the previous entry nicely,

I have to (in a way) say that my 2009 was a year filled with nice parties, parties and still parties. May 2010 be filled with more excitement!

Probably I should list a few resolutions for the year 2010 too! (:

– pass all the exams this year

HMM it seems like that is the only resolution after thinking for 5 minutes. HAHA.

Okay people, hope u celebrated the departure of 2009 with a blast just like me!

HAPPY 2010! (:


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